Golden Bells of Atlanta   Atlanta’s Premier Community Handbell Choir

Our History

The Golden Bells of Atlanta, Atlanta's premier community handbell choir, is under the direction of founder Roxanne B. Golden and is comprised of ringers from all over the Atlanta metro area. The ringers bring over 465 years of combined ringing experience to the table, and most of them also ring in or direct handbell choirs in their own local churches.

The group was established in 1995 in order to bring advanced handbell ringers together to ring a variety of musical styles: from classical to traditional, from sacred to secular. It incorporates creativity in staging and choreography, and it uses a variety of handbell techniques along with other instruments to maximize the enjoyment of its audience.

Concerts include the full choir as well as selections by ensembles and solo ringers. In addition to annual Christmas concerts and select spring performances, GBA participates in parades, concerts at guild events, and performances at weddings and corporate parties.

In 2010, GBA was chosen out of numerous ensembles all over the nation to ring a concert at Pinnacle  (the community handbell/professional handbell conference)  in Nashville, TN. GBA has provided the opening concert for the Georgia Spring Ring many times, the most recent in March of 2012 and 2014. In July 2014, they were honored to present the reading packet for the GIA Publications at the 60th National Convention for the guild. In December 2014 they were selected to perform at the High Museum of Art's “Make a Joyful Noise” exhibit. In the fall of 2016, GBA provided education workshops for the betterment of handbell musicians in our area, and we look forward to hosting more of such events.

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