Golden Bells of Atlanta   Atlanta’s Premier Community Handbell Choir

Our 2023 Ringers

Golden Bells consists of twelve ringers and several substitutes, some of whom are past members. We come from all parts of Atlanta and bring over 465 years of combined ringing experience to the tables. Most of us also ring in or direct handbell choirs in our own local churches. The original charter members were invited to join by audition in 1995. Since then, other auditions have been held. We currently add new members by asking them to come and substitute wherever there is a need and it is in that substitution period that they are evaluated on the basis of bell musicianship and overall group dynamics.

Meet the Golden Bells ringers:

High Bell Divas

They perform the impossible, always ringing handfuls of bells and picking up more handfuls at the key changes. More bells - no problem! Faster - no problem! They truly enjoy a challenge and have to really play as a team.

Steady Eddies

They function as the backbone of the choir, having to maintain tempo while flanked by the High Bell Divas and the Bass Bell Dudes. Their positions often require them to play many bells and to help each other in tough spots. They are truly the glue of the choir.

Bass Bell Dudes

They play the big buckets and always look for ways to make it challenging. Need more bells in a spot - no problem, throw in the sixth octave. Run out of bells - no problem, play a guitar, wind chimes, percussion, gong.


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